Mobile phone Check-In

For your convenience, we offer using the Mobile Check-In service available on the mobile website in applications for devices based on iOS (iPhone), Android and Windows Phone. Please read the rules and limiting conditions applicable to mobile check-in.

Mobile check-in begins 24 hours and ends 45 minutes before your departure. Upon check-in, you will receive a mobile boarding pass as a 2D bar code (Sample).

The service will be available if:

  • You depart from the airport where the mobile check-in service is allowed (see the Mobile Check-In Terms section);
  • You need no additional services, such as accompanying disabled people, accompanying a child without parents;.
  • You are not travelling with pets.

If you travel in business class or participate in the Aeroflot Bonus program of the ELITE PLUS level, we  invite you to visit the business lounge at the airport.

Important! After self-service check-in passengers can check in their baggage at special DROP OFF counters not later than 45 minutes before departure. 

When no dedicated DROP OFF counter is available at other airports, please address a general purpose check-in desk.

Please see Baggage Acceptance Regulations. If your baggage exceeds free allowance by weight or dimensions, please see the excess baggage fares.

If you are travelling in a group with more than 9 persons, please use our regular check-in counter at the airport.

Please note that Airport check-in begins 2 hours—and closes 40 minutes—before departure. Don’t forget that at the airport you are obliged to pass Security Control and, if you are taking an international flight, Customs and Passport Control, too. Please be on time. We close the boarding gate 20 minutes before departure.

You can check the terminal where your flight departs by clicking"Flight info".

Please read our Safety and Security Regulations.

*Changes in the Mobile Check-In technology for passengers leaving the USA (see the Mobile Check-In Terms section)

More detailed information is available in the following sections of our website:

Press if you have read and accepted the Mobile Check-In Terms