Mobile Apps

Aeroflot on Your Mobile Device

Dear passengers,

We are happy to present Aeroflot’s official mobile apps for iOS (iPhone), Android and Windows Phone.

The following features are available:

  • flight tickets search, booking and purchase;
  • flight check-in;
  • information board and flight status;
  • flight schedule.

Members of the “Aeroflot Bonus” program can take advantage of:

  • booking in exchange for miles and award ticket issuance;
  • Access to your personal account;
  • viewing of account transactions;
  • My Bookings service.
  • The iPhone app also allows you to save your boarding passes to the PASSBOOK.

Install mobile app for iPhone

Install mobile app for Android

Install mobile app for Windows Phone

We are constantly working to improve our apps and would be grateful for any feedback or suggestions, which you can send to mobile@aeroflot.ru.

Generate Passbook section

Access to your personal account:

1. Launch the app:

Launch the app

2. Open the “Flight Check-in” section.

3. Press “Registration”.

Press Registration

4. Confirm your agreement to the «Mobile Check-In Terms». Press “I Agree”.

Complete mobile check-in for your flight

5. Complete mobile check-in for your flight

6. During the last step of a successful check-in (when the barcode/matrix code is shown on the screen), wait for the message “A new boarding pass has been generated. Do you want to display it?” to appear and press “Yes”.

7. You will then be redirected to the browser to download your boarding pass from the server to the browser to download your boarding pass from the server. Please note that after the pass has been successfully downloaded, the browser will launch the Passbook app and upload the pass to it. The last page opened in the browser will be displayed at this time.

8. After the pass is uploaded to Passbook, it will be displayed on the screen,- and you will be asked whether you want to add it to your Passbook. Press “Add” and the pass will be added to your Passbook.

9. To print out a boarding pass:

  • launch the Passbook app,
  • find the pass you’ve just added,
  • find a scanner near the entrance to the screening area,
  • hold your phone screen to the scanner.

10. After successful recognition, the scanner will print out the paper version of the boarding pass.