Elite Club



Fly frequently and increase your Aeroflot Bonus tier to benefit from the unique privileges[1] of Gold, Silver and Platinum tier! The tier depends on the number of qualifying miles and flight segments accumulated throughout the calendar year. Keep track of your balance via your personal account page and activate the SMS information service to follow the activity on your account.

Elite Club


Conditions for receiving and maintaining elite tiers



Airport privileges

Lounge access (Russian and international airports)[3]

Priority check-in

Accelerated security and passport clearance*

Priority boarding

Priority service at ticket / transfer desks



Extra baggage allowance

Priority baggage drop off


On-board privileges**

Advanced seat reservation in economy class not depending on fare restrictions (excluding group bookings and block-charter flights)

Space+ – seats in economy class

Service upgrade voucher


Booking service

Priority service in Aeroflot offices, equipped with queue management system

Guaranteed paid booking on fully booked flights


Priority on waiting lists for paid bookings

Dedicated contact center


Aeroflot Bonus privileges

Extra bonus miles for flights

Award ticket for double miles


«Mile credit» award ticket booking with insufficient miles


Waived exchange fees for award tickets

Gold tier gift card

Discounts from Aeroflot Bonus partners

 [1] Benefits are offered in accordance with the Aeroflot Bonus and SkyTeam alliance frequent flyer program card with a number included in the PNR.

 [2] Qualifying miles and flight segments only.

 [3] Passenger can only access one lounge. Please note that as of 15 August 2019 temporary restrictions will be in place on business lounge access at Arkhangelsk and Magnitogorsk airports for Aeroflot Bonus Gold-level members. As compensation, we will credit 3,000 miles to passengers on Aeroflot and Rossiya flights (code SU) from Magnitogorsk and Arkhangelsk.

 [4] One voucher each for earning 75 000 and 100 000 qualifying miles in a calendar year.

 [5] Three vouchers on reaching Platinum tier / maintaining Platinum tier. One voucher for earning 150 000 qualifying miles in a calendar year and then one voucher for each 25 000 qualifying miles.

 [6] On international routes of 6 hours or more excluding high demand flights. A guaranteed reservation is made at the full economy ticket fare at least 24 hours prior to departure.  

 [7] SU – a guaranteed reservation is made at the full economy ticket fare at least 24 hours prior to departure, ST – on international routes of 6 hours or more, excluding high demand flights. A guaranteed reservation is made at the full economy ticket fare at least 24 hours prior to departure.

 [8] The privileges is provided with limits during high demand periods (21.12.2018–15.01.2019, 15.02.2019–26.02.2019, 22.03.2019–01.04.2019, 25.04.2019–12.05.2019, 08.06.2019–16.06.2019, 25.10.2019–06.11.2019, 20.12.2019–14.01.2020, 14.02.2020–26.02.2020,20.03.2020–01.04.2020, 23.04.2020–12.05.2020, 10.06.2020–16.06.2020, 23.10.2020–09.11.2020). For more information please call the Aeroflot contact centre at 8-800-444-55-55.

 [9] The privilege can be used only by request to the Aerflot Bonus contact centre at least 48 hours before flight.

* The service is not available at all airports.

** Privileges are arranged before the flight.

SU- available on Aeroflot flights

ST- available on SkyTeam flights

HZ- available on Aurora flights



Qualifying miles

Those are miles credited for by scheduled flights of Aeroflot and partner airlines. Extra miles awarded to elite members (between +25 and +75% depending on the tier) and those awarded through special promotions, as well as miles collected through program partners are not qualifying miles and do not influence your Aeroflot Bonus tier.


Flight segment

A flight segment is one section of a journey, from point of take-off to point of landing. For example, the journey Moscow – St. Petersburg – Moscow is two flight segments.