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Additional fees

Service fees and charges

Ticketing at a sales office. International flight

Ticketing at a sales office. Domestic flight

Reticketing at a sales office. International flight

Reticketing at a sales office. Domestic flight

Inquiry services

1For the USA, Cuba and Lebanon - USD 30/USD 30

2For Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan - EUR 5/EUR 5

3The service fee (from 10 August 2011) for:

  • Flight certificates (in case of loss of the boarding pass required for accounting purposes);
  • Air ticket purchase and flight certificates (in case of loss of the passenger receipt, itinerary receipt, or payment receipt needed for accounting purposes);
  • Ticket cost certificates for used tickets;
  • Information on the total great-circle distance of a route and the distance over the territory of Russia to the state border crossing point or to the airport in Russia which is closest to the border crossing point for international flights (when organisations pay for the flight segment inside Russia);
  • Printed booking forms certified by seal/stamp for submission to the consulate;
  • Ticket cost references;
  • Ticket cost certificates for partially used tickets, in case the payment receipt was returned upon refund;
  • Translations of baggage receipts into the Russian language.

Inquiry services are free for the following individuals and legal entities:

  • Federal executive and legislative authorities;
  • Executive and legislative authorities of the subjects of the Russian Federation and local government bodies;
  • Courts (as part of legal proceedings);
  • Court-appointed managers during hearing of bankruptcy cases;
  • Lawyers providing legal assistance;
  • Current and retired employees of Aeroflot PJSC;
  • Corporate clients, provided their agreement includes the corresponding condition.

According to Article 7 of Federal Law No 152-FZ dated 27 July 2006 "On Personal Data", information on the issue of an air ticket and on the use of such ticket for carriage is considered personal data and cannot be disclosed to third parties. A certificate confirming carriage under an issued air ticket can be provided by Aeroflot PJSC's offices at the personal request of the passenger in whose name the ticket was issued, upon submission of the passenger's original ID document, or at the personal request of his/her legal representative acting under a notarised power of attorney. A fee will be collected for the issue of the certificate.
For passengers residing in Russian cities with no Aeroflot PJSC representative office, a certificate can be provided by mail.
In case a visit to an office is impossible, a paid certificate can be sent by mail following the passenger's application with a copy of the relevant identity document attached thereto and information on the payment (or a copy of the payment order) specifying the details of the payment document. These documents shall be sent by mail to Aeroflot PJSC's Moscow sales office at the following address: 1 Arbat St, Moscow, 119019
The application to provide information in the form of a certificate shall specify:
1. Passenger's ID details (ID card or passport);
2. Flight details: date, flight number, ticket number.
The passenger's signature in the postal application shall be notarised.
The period for issuing the certificate is 30 calendar days from receipt of the request by Aeroflot PJSC.

Application form for the issue of a paid certificate (.doc file, 50 kb)


 *In the Russian Federation, fares and fees displayed in foreign currencies shall be paid for in Russian roubles using the system exchange rate calculated in accordance with the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Russia. Exchange rates for payment purposes are updated weekly on Wednesdays.

**Service fees collected at Aeroflot's sales offices are non-refundable, except for the cases of an involuntary return of a fully unused ticket.

unused tickets.

***If an air carriage agreement stipulating the carriage charge to be non-refundable in case of termination due to voluntary waiver of carriage by the passenger in part or in full is terminated, the booking charge will not be refunded.

Fuel surcharges

Route Fuel surcharge per Economy flight segment
between Moscow and the Americas/Asia: 106 EUR
between Moscow/Saint Petersburg/Rostov-on-Don and Europe/Middle East (direct carriage),
between the Russian Far East and Asia (outside of the Russian Federation, direct carriage)
51 EUR
between Moscow/Saint Petersburg and Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia: 20 EUR
within the Russian Federation: 2700 RUB
between Moscow and Yakutsk 4200 RUB
between Moscow and the Russian Far East/Magadan no charge


In the Russian Federation, the fuel surcharges displayed in foreign currencies are paid in Russian roubles at the exchange rate in effect on the date of payment.

The fuel surcharge per Business flight segment is 200% of the surcharge per Economy flight segment.

The fuel surcharge per Comfort flight segment is 150% of the surcharge per Economy flight segment.

The fuel surcharges will be refunded if a passenger waives the carriage and returns the ticket.

Fuel surcharges for some routes may differ from standard ones.

If an air carriage agreement which contains a provision stating that the fare will not be refunded if it is cancelled because the passenger voluntarily cancels the entire carriage or part of the carriage, fuel surcharges will not be refunded.

Booking systems service fee

Route Territory of sales Fuel surcharge per flight segment
from China outside Russia/China USD 100
from Russia outside Russia USD 10
for one-way flights from Europe (except for the European part of Russia) to China outside Russia/China EUR 20

Government taxes, charges and duties

Prices of tickets may include taxes, charges or duties imposed upon air carriage by government agencies or airports in the corresponding countries.

Such additional taxes and charges will not be refunded under certain fare types if the passenger misses the flight.

Tax obligations of passengers when purchasing a ticket using a compensation voucher (MCO) or when using such a voucher to pay for another service

Aeroflot informs passengers that they must declare income by filing a tax declaration at their place of residence and pay a tax on income in kind when purchasing a ticket using a compensation voucher (MCO) or when using such a voucher to pay for another service.

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